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The Magic Valley Land Trust is a non-profit organization with active operations in south central Idaho. Our goals include enhancing recreational access to the Snake River and other areas of local interest, conserving working farms and ranches, improving water quality, contributing to soil health and agricultural sustainability, and conserving natural areas for public enjoyment. We are farmers, educators, businesspeople, and advocates for our regions natural resources. We are dedicated to conserving what is best about the Magic Valley for the benefit of people and the natural environment.


The Magic Valley Land Trust works with community members as well as landowners to achieve the following goals:

  • Raise awareness through educational sessions to help our community understand and embrace land conservation opportunities

  • Provide high quality and practical information that landowners can use in deciding how they can conserve their lands

  • Provide a space for community input as to how recreational easements could be used and programs offered to support education in conservation

  • Listen to the community and prioritize the needs of the people in the Magic Valley

  • Promote a balance of economic development, agriculture, critical habitat protection, clean water, and wildlife for a healthy community


The Magic Valley Land Trust conserves and cares for the vital lands and waters of the Middle Snake River region, so that our unique natural heritage, agricultural lands, and recreational opportunities will always be here for the people of Idaho. We work together to keep the “magic” in the Magic Valley and serve as responsible stewards of the landscapes we love for future generations.

The people of our region have a special bond with the land. The Magic Valley has been dubbed the “Breadbasket” of Idaho for its fertile farmlands that provide food for our nation, drive our regional economy, and sustain a way of life for many families. Snake River runs through the heart of our valley and gives us irrigation water, a magnificent canyon, dozens of crystalline springs, fish and wildlife habitat, outstanding recreation, and scenic beauty. MVLT will help empower our community to grow sustainably while protecting key natural resources within our special landscape. 

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